About Us

POMAA™️ is an African print wear established in 2014 with firm roots from West Africa. Pomaa, named after the founder, seeks to introduce the international community to Africa and inspire Africans to embrace their culture with unique and futuristic designs tailored to complement the wearer’s physique.

Over the year, POMAA has developed clothes for the various seasons which include; an autumn collection, a winter cashmere collection , a Sprimmer collection and various accessories. The autumn collection is made up mainly soft denim interwoven with African prints of unique design. Again, the cold of the winter is made fashionable with beautiful cashmere scarfs to look and feel warm all winter round.

Sprimmer , a combination of Spring and Summer , has brought about a lot of buzz with our score series shirts for 20 degrees temperature and up Royal Sensation Fur Coat crowns it all with fur and print in a unique tailored style.


Feel Free, Feel Confident 
With POMAA™️ you gotta be